Grace and Patrick’s E-Session | Menlo Park, Calif

It’s always a fun adventure helping my couples identify a “perfect” location for their engagement session.  It should be a location that has some meaning to the two of them and perhaps, maybe a location that they love to hang out at.  Well, for Grace and Patrick, the most perfect location is Grace’s beautiful family estate.  She spent her years in this house and the family absolutely adores the beautiful home.  I can see why.  It’s breath-taking.

Karen and Mike | Holly Farm, Carmel, Calif

Since I will be spending the weekend in Monterey/Carmel area for another wedding, it’s a great reminder for me to post this wonderful wedding on my blog.

No matter how long I’ve been in the industry.  Just when you thought I’ve seen it all, there’s another beautiful venue that pops up.  Holly Farm was one of those for me.  It was such a little hidden gem nestled in the middle of the Carmel Valley.  I just LOVE this new little location.